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Weird holidays

With its ~365 different days, the year offers plenty of opportunities to do justice to creativity all over the world. There is probably not a single day on which something, sometimes very curious, is not celebrated somewhere. And why not? Any occasion to celebrate is a good occasion!

Personal discoveries

On my travels, I have sometimes been lucky enough to unexpectedly burst into a festivity: There were romantic weddings on the beach, carnivals with feather decorations, traditional mountain festivals in a village of 100 people, a Star Wars procession, donkey races, cycling for the Thai queen, from self-made lanterns and colorful flower decorations in the streets to huge light installations on the water. And indeed, the unplanned celebrations have somehow always been the most beautiful to me.

Besides the known greats

Of course, you can get caught up in the big, traditional anniversaries and start preparing for Halloween, Christmas or New Year's Eve all year long - there are plenty of creative decorations and amusing activities for those, too. But apart from calendar and religious occasions, there are also a surprising number of funny, unnecessary, strange and interesting holidays - which sometimes really make you wonder how they came to be. And yet it's nice to commemorate even the small everyday things.

Although no days off are introduced in honor of the chocolate cake (January 27), the hiccup (March 16), the dirty dish (May 18) or the CAPSLOCK (June 29). Nevertheless, they are wonderful occasions to celebrate kissing (July 06), dancing (April 29), playing (May 28) or smiling (June 15)

Every family and every circle of friends has its own rituals and it is also possible to integrate such positive actions as planting a flower (March 12), an extensive pillow fight (April 7), jumping in puddles together (January 11) or inventing new tongue twisters (November 14).

And if you need a reason to do something crazy again, you can also go for a walk with your houseplant on July 27, have a picnic with your teddy bear on July 10, or ask silly questions on September 28 and do everything backwards on January 31.

Best of weird holidays

So that one does not miss the best highlights of the year, there are so mad collections like on with additional information to each listed event. You can find the current links daily under the calendar of my website.

In any case, I hope you have fun discovering and trying out some new traditions and would be happy to hear about them. Maybe we can even introduce something annual ourselves: How about a day for taking pictures and spreading happy smileys? :D

Author SmileGlobetrotter

Here you can see an overview with the upcoming curiosities in the next days:

23. September

~ Thrue-Bab ? Tag des gesegneten Regens oder: das Ende des Monsuns in Bhutan

~ Internationaler Tag der Gebärdensprachen ? International Day of Sign Languages

~ Tag des Herbstspaziergangs ? Autumn Stroll Day in den Vereinigten Staaten

~ National Checkers Day oder der Dogs in Politics Day in den USA

~ Tag der Bisexualität ? Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Europäischer Pilztag ? European Mushroom Day 2023

Internationaler Tag des Hasen ? International Rabbit Day 2023

24. September

~ Welttag der Gorillas ? World Gorilla Day

~ Tag des Braai ? National Braai Day in Südafrika

~ Tag des Kirsch-Souffles ? National Cherries Jubilee Day in den USA

~ Tag der Satzzeichen ? National Punctuation Day in den Vereinigten Staaten

Internationaler Tag der Flüsse ? World Rivers Day 2023

25. September

~ Tag der Comics ? National Comic Book Day in den USA

~ Tag des Kochens ? National Cooking Day in den USA

~ Tag der Zahngesundheit in Deutschland

26. September

~ Tag des gesunden Frühstücks ? National Better Breakfast Day in den USA

~ Tag des Liebesbriefchens am 26. September ? Love Note Day in Kanada

~ Tag der Pfannkuchen ? der US-amerikanische National Pancake Day

~ Tag des Holzfällers ? der US-amerikanische Lumberjack Day

27. September

~ Tag des Schals ? National Scarf Day in den USA

~ Welttourismustag ? World Tourism Day

~ Zerdrücke-eine-Dose-Tag in den USA ? National Crush a Can Day

~ Tag des kalten Kakaos ? National Chocolate Milk Day in den Vereinigten Staaten

28. September

~ Aquarium-Revue-Nacht ? Fish Tank Floorshow Night in den Vereinigten Staaten

~ Tag des Erdbeer-Sahne-Kuchens ? National Strawberry Cream Pie Day in den USA

~ Internationaler Tag des Rechts auf Wissen ? International Right to Know Day

~ Tag des guten Nachbarn ? der US-amerikanische National Good Neighbor Day

~ Stell-eine-dumme-Frage-Tag ? Ask a Stupid Question Day in den USA

Weltschifffahrtstag ? World Maritime Day 2023

29. September

~ Michaelstag in Großbritannien ? The Day the Devil Spit on Your Blackberries

~ Tag der Biscotti ? der National Biscotti Day in den USA

~ Weltherztag ? World Heart Day

Save the Koala Day in Australien ? Rettet-die-Koalas-Tag 2023

Tag des Deutschen Butterbrotes 2023

30. September

~ Tag des Olivenöls Extra Vergine ? National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day in den USA

~ Internationaler Podcast-Tag ? International Podcast Day

~ Hieronymustag oder der Internationale Übersetzertag am 30. September

~ Tag des Kaugummis ? National Chewing Gum Day in den Vereinigten Staaten

Tag der Geisterjagd in den USA ? National Ghost Hunting Day 2023

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