Forest Pugs in Brandenburg

The horned, flat-nosed forest pug with curly tail probably not many know, because it is an extremely shy little animal. Only in Brandenburg an der Havel it could be seen in the wild so far.

The forest pug originally comes from the sketch "Tierstunde - The wild forest pug" by Loriot from 1972. In it he explains how the once elk-like wild animal with large horns was bred into a helpless little pug so that it would also fit on the laps of old ladies. The transitional form that remains is the fabulous forest pug, hundreds of thousands of which now hibernate in South Africa and spend the rest of the year causing terrible damage to forests in Germany, while their preferred mating grounds are supposed to be in the lower reaches of the Weser.

What perhaps not many people know either: Loriot originally comes from the city of Brandenburg - born there as Bernhard-Viktor Christoph-Carl von Bülow and still listed as an honorary citizen.

Therefore, the cultural association Brandenburg an der Havel e.V. announced a competition to honor its most famous son after his death. Clara Walter, an architecture student at the time, won with her approximately 50cm tall bronze Waldmops figures. And for the 2015 Federal Garden Show, the first 8 animals were released into the wild in Brandenburg in Loriot's likeness.

Since then they have proliferated and you can discover them on a guided tour of the city or on your own. They sit, lie, pee and loll in the public space of the city center and embellish the DDR charm with their shine.

The actual population fluctuates every now and then and is currently between 20 and 30 specimens. Many more orders were financed by private donors and at the same time forest pug thieves are hunting the little guys.

In the meantime, there is even a book about the forest pugs, compiled by a Brandenburg dentist in an honorary capacity, spurred on by his love of photography. The proceeds are to be used to care for and nurture the cute animals in the best possible way.

Why? You might ask. And Loriot himself is often quoted as the answer:

"Life without a pug is possible. But pointless!"




2 thoughts on ?Waldmöpse in Brandenburg?

  1. Ein Mops kam in die Küche und stahl dem Koch ein Ei?
    Dieses Kindergedicht ist ja auch einem Mops geschuldet.

    1. … da nahm der Koch die Kelle,
      Und schlug den Mops zu Brei!

      Ja, das hatte ich schon wieder ganz vergessen. Aber irgendwo im Hinterkopf bleibt so ein Quatsch natürlich hängen. ?

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