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Biologists publish knowledge about breeding trees of snakes

The latest news changes our previous image of snakes and reveals in a shocking way the wonders of their reproduction.

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For a long time the misconception prevailed that all reptiles hatch directly from the eggs laid. In scientific circles, this thesis has been wildly discussed before, while in public the misconception has taken root like a false snake.

Now, a research team from Snakeford University has published proof photos of a real snake hatchery. And as can be easily seen on them, they actually grow on trees.

The actual eggs that snakes bury in the ground are basically seeds from which the so-called breeding trees grow. Given enough moisture and sunlight, they will produce flowers with split calyx for the first time from the age of 3 years. Only when male and female brood trees are close to each other can their flowers be fertilised and develop into scaly snake fruits.

This form of metamorphosis from a fruit to an animal is so far unique in nature and little studied. However, the almost lifeless state of a snake in fruit form is reminiscent of the pupae of butterflies.

As soon as a fruit reaches proper maturity, it will shed its skin and bite its own tail. It will then detach itself from the mother plant and drop to the ground. From then on, it will spend its life as a creeper, doing what a snake does.

It is as yet unclear whether snake siblings from the same tree can reproduce together or whether the animals even belong to a specific sex and are not rather asexual.

In any case, when walking in the forest, we should look up more often to see if a snake is not just leaving its birthplace and could fall on our head ... or throw a forbidden apple.

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(Attention! This is satire, it should make you smile and not get upset.)

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