Pastry shop invaded by cookie monsters

A Sesame Street-based confectioner specialised in crispy biscuits was raided by a gang of blue Cookie Monsters on Sunday afternoon.

. . . . . .

It seems that the little lickspittles used the cat flap at the back door after closing time to gain access to the sweet goods. Several passers-by saw them making themselves comfortable in the shop window and devouring all the biscuits on display.

Since it was generally thought to be a publicity stunt, photos were blithely taken of the crime instead of alerting anyone.

When the owner opened his shop door the next morning, the perpetrators had already made off. Only crumbs and a traumatised cat remained.

The gang is already known to the local police, as this was not their first brazen robbery. However, it is hard to be seriously angry with such cuddly guys and therefore no official charges have been filed against them yet.

The insurance company, however, refuses to pay for the damage and refers to the special clause for monster incidents. According to this clause, every tenant is obliged to get on well with the resident monsters on Sesame Street and must personally ensure neighbourly relations. This also includes their extensive kin.

In future, the confectioner wants to provide a bowl of biscuits and a glass of milk every day to avoid further trouble. And while he's at it, Oskar should also get his rubbish regularly.



(Attention! This is satire, it should make you smile and not get upset.)

2 thoughts on ?Konditorei wird von Kruemelmonstern ueberfallen?

  1. Hach ja, wer kennt es nicht, wenn Krümmelmonster (manchmal auch gleich in der Familie) über sämtliche Kekse des Haushalts herfallen. Nur böse kann man ihnen einfach nicht sein.
    Ich finde es ja gut, dass zukünftig mit einer Schale Kekse und Milch die Freundschaft gefördert wird. So sind alle glücklich, eine sehr gute Idee vom Konditor.

    1. Jeder kennt wahrscheinlich so eine spezielle „Krümelmonster“-Person ? … Gut, wenn man dann ebenfalls jemanden in der Familie hat, der ganz tolle Kekse backen kann ?

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