Robot mower gone wild and terrorizes small town

An autonomous robotic mower has broken out of its fenced-in area and is now indiscriminately raiding unprotected green spaces and the first spring blooms. No bed is safe anymore!

. . . . . .

In the small town of "Flowtown", scenes are playing out like something out of a horror movie. The idyll of the once tranquil suburb is long gone, and the residents are in a panic.

A robot that was actually only intended to mow the grass in its own garden apparently took advantage of a gap in the fence to expand its sphere of action. Since then, it has been leaving a trail of destruction through the neighborhood.

Residents face a bloodbath and already can not count the decapitated flowers. And yet the 632nd edition of the local garden show "Bloomup" was just about to take place.

A woman bursts into tears and falls to her knees in front of her former rose garden. "Suddenly we heard this whirring noise and before we realized what was happening, this infernal machine raced across our property and cut everything to pieces. We were paralyzed with shock! You weren't prepared for something like that in the neighborhood meetings," says her angry husband.

Other neighbors report similar experiences. The robotic lawnmower is obsessed and drives through the gardens without any consideration for losses. It even doesn't stop at toys or garden furniture. "I had just set up my deck chair and was about to lie down in the sun when suddenly this damn monster roared up and chopped my chair into a thousand pieces," says retiree Franz.

The local police are overwhelmed. The electronic killer vehicle is faster and more maneuverable than any police vehicle. Police spokesman Klaus Bauer: "We also contacted the owner, but he was not at home."

The situation is completely out of control, but all the city administration does: it puts up a warning sign. Unsuspecting tourists continue to walk right into the carnage and will never forget this picture of violent destruction for the rest of their lives.

The residents of the small town do not know what to do. Some have already started to secure their properties with additional walls. Others have completely redesigned their gardens out of sheer desperation and are now relying on artificial grass and stones to prevent the robotic mower from attacking them. The insects, the biodiversity and the image of Flowtown are already suffering.

One can only hope that the crazy robot will eventually run out of juice. Or he realizes that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence after all and goes back to his home garden to face the futility of his actions.



(Attention! This is satire, it should make you smile and not get upset.)

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