Shock therapy for phobias recognized by health insurers

More and more people suffer from unexplained fears and panic attacks. The need for forms of therapy is great and health insurance companies are now reacting by paying for shock therapy.

. . . . . .

As a travelling artist, August Louse has so far performed with his choreographed spider and snake show in the circus "MotleyQuaint". But in contrast to the performances of his colleagues with dogs and pigeons, the response of the audience became more and more reserved.

It was not so much the children as their worried parents who could not bear the sight of hairy, dancing spider legs. And even for stroking the scaled snake skin, there were probably only a few brave people for whom the selfie was worth the effort.

With the official recognition of shock therapies, the passionate small animal trainer can now finally fulfil his dream and become self-employed.

With his animal family, Mr Louse wants to continue travelling around and pitching his tent from town to town. But then it's no longer about merely entertaining, but about helping people.

Whether they want it or not! Here, the creepy-crawlies will get to them and tickle the last of the panic out of them until, hopefully, there is nothing left of it. At the same time, the health-promoting concepts of holotrophic breathing and loud screaming are used.

In the process, Mr Louse has already expanded his range to include scorpions, cockroaches and earwigs: "They deserve a better image and a conscious integration into our everyday lives free of fearful prejudices!"

If you want to surprise your loved ones with it, you also get a blindfold and handcuffs for the journey in addition to the booking.

Participants receive an officially certified certificate after a successful therapy visit, which can be sent to the health insurance company together with the invoice. In addition, they can have an individual photo album made with the most bizarre facial expressions and take home a T-shirt with the imprint "I survived my phobia".

There should be more such well-intentioned offers and support for marginalized crawlers - then the world would soon be shock-healed.



(Attention! This is satire, it should make you smile and not get upset.)

One thought on “Schocktherapie bei Phobien von Krankenkassen anerkannt”

  1. Zitat: „Es sollte mehr solcher gutgemeinten Angebote und Unterstützung für ausgegrenzte Krabbler geben ? dann wäre die Welt bald schockgeheilt.“

    Das denke ich auch. Vielleicht fällt mir dazu noch etwas ein.
    Ja, tatsächlich. Jetzt hab‘ ich eine Idee. Drakula muss ran!

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