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Post Office sets up overnight accommodation for waiting staff

To set itself apart from other suppliers and revive the charm of days gone by, Deutsche Post is now expanding its service for greater customer friendliness and offering anticipation instead of waiting frustration.

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Hermes, UPS, Amazon Prime - the number of delivery services is large and more and more people are turning to alternatives to Deutsche Post. Their reputation has plummeted along with countless undelivered packages. From delivery people who don't even ring the doorbell, to days of delays, to packages that never reach their destination ? the list of reasons for frustration is getting longer and longer.

So that you don't have to stand in queues forever or wait all day for the parcel delivery man at home, who then doesn't come after all - you can now take a room at Postel. This is no ordinary hotel, but a place where waiting becomes a special experience.

At the Postel you will experience the luxury of the 19th century. Your place to sleep is a historic post office locker that now serves as a cozy bed. You can rest your head on a pillow made from recycled stamps and wrap yourself in a blanket as heavy as the never-answered love letters of your youth.

There is high-speed Internet, satellite TV, and a common room for meeting and gossiping. Why suffer alone when you can tell others your misery?
The Postel also has a writing room. Here you can delve into the time-honored world of letters and telegrams with antique quills.

The Postel also offers a wellness massage, where you are wrapped in wrapping paper and pampered by the hands of the masseurs with gentle stamping movements.

And the final handover takes place discreetly in the back room. As soon as one's own waiting number is finally called, an electronic beeper sounds and one is escorted on a red carpet to the reception.

This way, you no longer miss a package or have to make nice with your demanding neighbors so that they accept your mail. You don't have to worry that your expensive electronics will be left on your doorstep and simply bagged by a passerby. Or that the wife will accidentally open her ordered last-minute gift herself.

Instead, you spent a nice day at Postel and could exchange ideas with other waiting people. And if it still didn't work out on the planned day, you can also extend your stay for additional days or weeks at short notice.

Here comes exclusive material from the advertising department of Deutsche Post:

"The Postel - in case it takes longer again".

Are you tired of waiting for hours for the parcel carrier to ring, and then you're just in the shower when it does? Or even spending the whole day in a state between hope and despair, while your precious orders are lost somewhere in the infinite vastness of the delivery network?

Inspiriert von der Idee, dass Warten auch Vorfreude bereiten kann hebt die Deutsche Post das Konzept der „Serviceerweiterung“ auf ein ganz neues Level. Willkommen im Postel, wo die Wartezeit nicht mehr als Qual, sondern zum unvergesslichen Erlebnis wird!

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"Waiting at a high level"

You've always wanted to know what it's like to be a professional waiter? At Postel you can practice this skill! You'll learn how to wait patiently for a package that seems to be caught in a time bubble. The art of patient waiting is celebrated here, while you philosophize with other like-minded people about the pros and cons of delivery windows in the waiting room lounge.

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"Delivery with style"

The special moment of the package delivery should be duly celebrated. Forget the inconspicuous doorbell or knock, which can easily be overheard. At Postel, there are fanfares that will captivate even the most distant delivery person. And everyone will know that you were important enough for a personal delivery.

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