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Do you love swings? Or do you get sick just watching them as an adult? Maybe a few tips and tricks will help you against nausea!

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Do children have the license to swing?

Children whirl through the air on the swing with full momentum. They don't mind at all, but many adults immediately feel sick.

Toddlers are constantly bumping into things, tripping over steps or falling off chairs. Later, this happens only rarely.

Do only children have the license to swing? Children have the advantage that their visual perception probably plays a subordinate role during rocking. In other words, the children's bodies are in tune and nausea does not occur.

Swinging in adulthood.

Over the course of many years, humans steadily improve their ability to move and perceive. We learn throughout our lives. That we can also "un-learn" something through "learning" does not make much sense. However exactly therefore you can become so easily sick! Your adult eyes do not keep up.

In the case of strong acceleration, as in the case of rocking, the sensory organs therefore no longer keep up and especially the trained eyes of us adults do not. The different information from the sensory organs does not match. The body reacts with dizziness and nausea.

The magic word is vestibular organ.

The vestibular organ - the sense of balance.
Rocking, swaying, flying, swinging, dangling, strolling ? the vestibular organ is trained in every phase of life and so are we.

Does the very thought of rocking make you sick?

Don't let the fun of swinging be spoiled!

- Try blurring your gaze while swinging.

- Maybe it will do you good if you just move gently - more rocking than swaying.

- Sometimes even harder helps ... instead of slower

- In any case, it is a workout for the sense of balance.

It's worth staying tuned.
I wish you much pleasure and wonderful moments of happiness while swinging!

Author Rita Lehmann

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