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Soccer golf - the new hybrid sport

The boundaries of old traditions are softening more and more and well-known sports are uniting into newfangled trends. Once again, we have the Swedes to thank for a crazy idea.

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Neither sworn soccer players nor professional golfers are enthusiastic about this playful idea. Experts describe: It's like soccer but without the kick and like golf but without the finesse. Nevertheless, the hobby - which surely originated from a mixture of boredom and alcohol - is slowly making its way across Europe.

Basically, it's a modified type of miniature golf where players use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball and have to shoot it into an oversized hole with as few shots as possible. The playing surface resembles a golf course with 18 fields. A starting point is set on each of them and a par number of possible shots is given that one should manage.

Just like in real minigolf, you can make a fool of yourself or get lucky.

Parkour designers have fun and live out their creativity to the full on the holes. There are mini sand bunkers, mazes to dribble through, windmills with rotor blades as moving obstacles and river courses with crocodiles to cross.

There are the variants "Egoshooter" (where individuals compete against each other), "ClanWars" for group rivalries and the "CaptainsMode", where only the best result is scored for the whole team.

Many unanswered questions remain about the Swedish trend sport. For example, will players be allowed to bring their own special ball for each hole, which will be transported by a caddy? Will there be a fan curve and laola waves to spur you on? Will you get a corner kick or a tee shot if the opponent's ball leaves the field? Will there be red cards for fouls and yellow for swallows?

Probably the most difficult problem, however, is choosing the right sportswear. Do you come to a soccer golf tournament with a jersey and golf shoes or in sneakers with gloves and a cap? And what do you swap with your opponents at the end of the game - maybe your socks?

The new mixed sport is unlikely to excite the very large masses. But at least it could be much more interesting for the non-snobby classes of society than privileged golf ever was.

And we should be glad that the Swedes didn't take their cue from American football in the process!

Author   SmileGlobetrotter

(Attention! This is satire, it should make you smile and not get upset

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