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Railpool: DB installs wagons with swimming pools

The pool on wheels is intended on the one hand to provide the necessary cooling in heated trains and on the other hand to counteract the constant frustration of train passengers.

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Deutsche Bahn is usually a topic of conversation due to ever new records for delays and ever more outlandish reasons for cancelled trains. Now, however, it is hitting the headlines with a completely new idea.

From now on, special carriages equipped with a swimming pool will be connected to the long-distance trains in the DB transport network. The so-called "Railpool" promises a refreshingly new travel experience.

On hot days, traveling in an overheated and overcrowded train compartment can become a sweaty ordeal that tests the limits of tolerance. Since the air-conditioning systems in the carriages not only function unreliably, but often consist merely of tilted windows, passengers often had to sweat and groan. But that is now a thing of the past! With the pool on board, you can simply throw yourself into the cooling wet when needed.

No more sweat marks on your shirts, no more sitting uncomfortably on stacked suitcases, no more having to put up with your neighbor's (fresh)food packages. Together with your worries, you can drift on the surface of the chlorinated water while the world outside passes by or even stands still.

What's more, even with unreasonably long delays, time flies when splashing around - or flies by. No more calculating train connections and thinking up excuses to the board. Instead, you still arrive late, but at least refreshed and relaxed.

The Railpool was designed to prevent constant annoyance and offer a time substitute on extended journeys. Deutsche Bahn also hopes to increase sales by offering drinks at the pool bar and special pool parties.

And as the cold season approaches, the concept can be reversed. Instead of heating all the wagons, a heated pool and possibly organized water gymnastics for exercise will then suffice.

So if you're traveling by train in Germany again, don't forget to pack your swimming trunks! Because there is still no nudist car and unfortunately no dog pool.

Author   SmileGlobetrotter

(Attention! This is satire, it should make you smile and not get upset

2 thoughts on ?Railpool: Bahn installiert Wagons mit Schwimmbecken?

  1. „Der sogenannte ?Railpool? verspricht ein erfrischend neues Reiseerlebnis.“

    Es steht leider zu vermuten, dass es auch hier zu Pannen kommt. Für kurzsichtige Fahrgäste hätte z.B. ein spontaner Sprung in ein wegen Undichtigkeit bereits leergelaufenes Becken fatale Folgen! Die Deutsche Bahn ist doch insgesamt nicht ganz dicht.

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