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Some information about my person!

Don't worry!
I don't want to tell my whole life story here. For that there might be a biography about me one day, or more appropriately a comic series. ?
Only briefly so much that you know who I actually am and if so how many:

Until the end of my school years, I was still almost a normal uptight teenager. But right after that, I was lucky enough to get probably the coolest FSJ position you could ever wish for as a budding adult. Apart from the fact that I was allowed to sleep in and that my work usually didn't start until 3 p.m., which then consisted of organizing leisure time with disabled people - i.e. going to the cinema, disco, soccer match or concert - I was also allowed to accompany families with disabled children on their vacations. How great is that?

Now that I had once tasted the possibility of earning a living by traveling and having fun, this idea did not let me go in the future and from then on I tried various jobs in the tourism industry - not all of them brilliant. From animator, who made himself a clown (and now and then also a cat) on stage, to sports offers for unathletic guests from the all-you-can-eat class, English training for shy Thai students, accompanying sailing tours (in order to increase the quota of women among the seasoned sailors) to entertaining privileged children or senior citizens, everything was there. And accordingly much I have already come around in a few years.

I have always been interested in exploring the obvious and less obvious differences in the various cultures, observing the funny quirks of the locals, sampling strange eating habits in the naive hope of not getting any digestive problems and otherwise discovering all sorts of curious things while wandering around the world. Not infrequently it has come to embarrassing misunderstandings and to experiences that in retrospect would make a wonderful story at the regulars' table.

So my collection of photos and anecdotes has grown over time and at the beginning I sent my closest confidants at irregular intervals still e-mails with amusing reports about it. Sometime along the way, however, the idea grew to not just write a regular travel blog, but to let people share in the globetrotter lifestyle with my entertaining stories and various finds. Often the thought pops up in my mind how lucky I am to have gotten and used all these wonderful opportunities. Maybe it even encourages one or the other to seek adventures themselves. Because even if it can sometimes feel rather unfun at first in those moments, experiences are always enriching and especially if you can remember them with a twinkle in your eye. ;)

Enough about me... Maybe one or the other might also reveal something from his own sewing box or even the Pandora box. I would also like to hear from you and about your funniest moments. Feel free to send me anything and contact me through any of the possible channels.

Smiling greetings,
your Bettina Globetrotter!

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