Tina mit Kamera im herbstlichen Wald


Funny pictures from my travels!

The artistically valuable laughs and head shakes.

Every year comes the Christmas overdose again.

Not everyone knows how the rabbit hops, so I'll help out a bit here.

In the advertising industry, one seems to take some drugs sometimes to come up with such slogans.

All the cute, cuddly, clumsy, sometimes pushy creatures big and small - including the ubiquitous kitty cat.

Smile boards also seem to exist in every country and with every level of humor.

People can be so creative when it comes to design. But it is better not to argue about the taste in this.

All the clinical pictures that were discovered in a fit of pareidolia or persecutory delusion and turned out to be harmless.

Around the food everything that could make you smile or cry.

Curious names that are perhaps better not to present so publicly.

Write a note to others more often and let the whole world laugh about it.

Romantic and unromantic street poetry.

Products the world didn't know you needed.

Word games that seem to have escaped directly from word game hell.

The sign forest has had some strange additions.

Smileys are everywhere and I'll prove that to you here with a smiling selection!

Funny sightings of road users with any number of wheels.

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